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Cleaning and Care for Hardwood Tips

Cleaning and Care Tips for Hardwood

When it comes to cleaning and caring for your floors here are some important tips.

Hardwood floors for example are a lifetime investment so it is important to understand how to care for them. It is important that room temperatures range between 60-80 degrees and the humidity between 30-50% year around for best care. It is important to clean hardwood on a regular basis keeping dirt off them so there isn’t a buildup. When using a mop only use suggested times because too much water can create long term damage.

Some important do’s and don’ts when cleaning

You can sweep, mop, dust, vacuum but use all that are approved for your flooring type. If something spills you can use a cloth or paper towel and should quickly. Leaving water on the floor can cause damage. Use appropriate floor cleaners and safety bottoms on furniture. Never leave blinds and windows open during hot sunny days for too long. Use rugs and protected mats to protect against damage from furniture. This will also protect against the dirt and other damaging things being tracked in the room. Also, when it comes to shoes its important to keep anything sharp or pointy off the floors, so dents are caused and take the shoes off at the door really, it’s the best way to keep dirt out. Another important tip is to keep a rug around areas that tend to get wet more like kitchens and doors.

Some don’ts includes; not using oil-based products especially soaps on the floors. This will leave a damaging residue over time. Do not ever wax a lacquered floor or drag metal furniture across the floor. Never use a steam cleaner on a hardwood surface and check before using on other flooring options. Never put flowerpots on your floor if they leak water this can damage your floor. To protect floors, keep water to a minimum and clean regularly.

Color changes can happen with floors especially hardwood. There are hardwood floors and others that clearly change colors after they are exposed to air and sunlight and others that may slightly change over time. If you don’t want color changes move rugs around and change up your furniture placement. This can help but some floors look more beautiful over time with the aging and changes.

Some seasonal gapping can happen over time especially with wider planks. This is normal, and wood will commonly change shape especially if drastic environmental changes or water. It is possible to see cracks in wood flooring and then they completely go away during a different season due to temperature changes. This is common around areas with humidity fluctuations that are very high and low. With some wire brushed floors the top can have minor snags so be careful wiping up the floors. Try to use a lint free cloth or mop and stay away from the microfiber mops. Those are popular in stores but can snag and pull your flooring creating damage. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed and always keep a mat under the dog bowl. This will help protect floors.

There are many different options for cleaning and maintain your floors so make sure your picking the right products for your floors. Investing in your home is important and you want your floors to last forever so don’t invest in the floors and not in the cleaning supplies. If your floors are water resistant wonderful but water can still cause damage. Keep your investment protected and remember if you do damage your floors visit Floorzz, we have all the name brands you love right at the click of a few buttons. Not only can you order your floors online, but we ship them directly to your home or job site. There is no need to come in and have someone try to sell you what they love take the time to look at what you love and if you have questions we are always available to help you and answer your questions. Visit Floorzz today and get a price quote with a few clicks.



Check out this beautiful engineered hardwood by Bella Cera
Bella Cera Villa Borghese Collection - Engineered Hardwood - Alessandra
This lightly hand scraped, hand carved edge French Oak collection is absolutely gorgeous! The planks are all 8 in. wide by 6 feet long and give a look of ageless beauty to any space. The signature double smoking process is used to age the Oak grain and lock in one of the 10 colors to choose from. 
Design: Double Smoked, Brushed, Hand Distressed & Hand Stained
Color: Washed
Gloss Level: Super Matte Finish
Edge Type: Hand-Distressed Edges & Ends
Finish: Valspar Lacquer with Highly Penetrative Transparent Base
Thickness: 9/16"
Width: 8"
Length: 72"
Sq. Ft. Per Carton 24.41