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What is fuming and reactive staining?

What is fuming and reactive staining?

     This might be a term you have heard of before when talking about hardwood or you might be asking yourself right now what in the world? To understand let’s look at what it is and isn’t. Reactive stains do not have pigment and create color change inside the wood due to the reaction of the wood’s natural ingredients. This creates a unique two-toned coloring that can’t be copied by traditional staining methods. There are many manufacturers that paint or stain the surface of the wood to create a specific look. This is something completely different than reactive stains as we have taught one is caused by us and the other by the wood. The reactive stains create an aged look due to the interaction between sugars and tannins in the wood. When manufactures want to create the aged look they use an oxidizing and maturing process. The reactive stains can create the same look without damaging the quality of the wood. Reactive staining might be a process your interested in to change the look of your hardwood or you can rest assure your floors will change with time and you will have several beautiful looks throughout the lifetime of your floors.

     Another reactive process is called fuming or smoked. This is when wood is exposed to ammonia which causes the wood to react with the natural tannins and bring out new color variations. Tannin staining can happen with any kind of wood. Most are water extractive and some are solvent extractive. An application of latex coating directly to this type of wood can develop a stain on the finishing coat of the product isn't specifically created to trap tannins. So you can seal the stains with an oil primer to trap the tannins. The most sought-after wood for fuming is European oak because it has a high amount of tannin content that brings a much darker look out of the wood. Since each board might contain a different amount if tannin content the wood coloring can be different so don’t expect each plant to look the same. This process is not done by adding ammonia into the wood but rather from exposing it to the wood in a closed off area. So, this means the longer the wood is exposed the darker the wood after. If your looking for a unique wood with one of the kind coloring this might be something your interested in. If your interested in this look without either there are thousands of LVT, hardwood and engineered flooring that has been created to give these same looks without the process. Look at Floorzz for all these options your interested in. We carry thousands of products you will love, and our unique flooring looks will be sure to please you. We try to keep a large variety of options, so we have something for everyone. If your interested in some timeless hardwood or some look alike hardwood LVT flooring, we have everything you need available right now at We will find the style you love for the price you can afford so give us a call today or with a few clicks get a quote. If you have questions, we have experts and experienced flooring staff available to answer all your questions. Don’t keep putting off that project we want you to see how easy it can be to renovate with our help.


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