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Want to know more about the brands offered at When renovating or remodeling your home you need to know about the different brands and products out there to make your decision. Let us help you learn about some of the brands we offer and a little bit about them. Depending on your end goal whether looking for durable, eco-friendly or just fashionable, has options for all your needs. We provide a user-friendly online experience when buying with and offer the best brands with knowledgeable information.
Proudly Made in the USA
Armstrong Flooring has manufactured commercial flooring solutions primarily in America for more than a century, with six plants across the U.S.  
Flooring for your home
Armstrong Flooring offers vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl, plank, tile, vinyl tile, and laminate for all your rooms at home.
Shop Armstrong - Fireside Tavern Rigid Core - Golden Ale;
Commercial Space
They also offer products used in commercial flooring like luxury vinyl tile, sheet flooring, vinyl composition tile, bio-flooring, linoleum and laminate.
Builders and Property Management
For the builders they offer vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl tile and rigid core elements.
Armstrong History
Armstrong Flooring may be a company name you have heard before, but why pick their products you ask? Armstrong Flooring has been a leading name in the flooring industry for a long time, they started over 150 years ago when the founder Thomas Armstrong first built his business around the motto, “Let the buyer have faith.”  Armstrong was one of the first to discard the old principle “let the buyer beware”, he believed in his products and made it clear he would stand behind his products providing customer confidence in their purchase. Armstrong began as a two-man cork-cutting company, branded the Armstrong name and became the world’s largest cork company in the mid 1890’s. Later, the company in 1909 started selling linoleum, which became very popular in the flooring industry. Armstrong Flooring grew to become one of the largest North American producers of resilient flooring products for commercial and residential customers.  Today, Armstrong Flooring which separated from Armstrong World Industries in 2016 is focusing on innovation, design, and the production of the best possible flooring solutions to fit new and future customer demands.
Armstrong Environmental Stewardship
As companies work to better the future many are focusing on sustainability. Armstrong Flooring has always focused on recycling and conserving resources, therefore they started 100 years ago by taking the waste from cork productions and used it as a component in linoleum flooring. What is linoleum you ask? Linoleum is an eco-friendly flooring with a huge variety of colors and styles which makes it easier for the DIY home project customers. It is a more durable, made with renewable material, biodegradable and does not take up a lot of space in landfills. Also, linoleum flooring will hold up longer over time because the pigments are throughout the material not just on the surface like vinyl and laminate. Linoleum also requires less maintenance than other flooring options.
Armstrong Flooring also has a recycling program they implemented, while reducing the environmental footprints of new products. The On & On Recycling program helps save money and keeps the materials out of landfills. The program also reclaims LVT and VCT flooring and other products, even from competitors. This program has helped save over a 100 million pounds of material. So, if you are interested in recycling your old floor its simple. Contact the Armstrong Recycling Center at 1-888-276-7876, fill out some paperwork and fill up the recycling bins provided to you by Armstrong Flooring.
Corporate Sustainability
Armstrong is working on reducing energy use, water consumption and supporting sustainable forest management as a global initiative to improve the environment.
Supporting the Art Community
If you’re an art fan like us, you will also appreciate Armstrong Flooring is an official sponsor of the Save a Sample for Art. The goal is to divert architectural and design samples away from landfills. The initiative allows design firms to easily deliver extra sample products to local art programs, who then use the recycled samples to create unique art that will also support fundraising for the Art world.
So, no matter what room or space your trying to put together Armstrong Flooring has options for all your needs.
Affordable Flooring Options
Armstrong is known for their quality and attractive flooring products that include a variety of product types and styles. Armstrong flooring will hold its appeal and provide the best results for your investment. Armstrong hard floors are among the most popular since they are attractive, durable and easy upkeep. Laminate is a more affordable way to buy the look of hardwood with authentic grain and textures, for a more realistic look. Vinyl, sheets and tiles come in a variety of designs and colors while being durable and versatile. Armstrong’s linoleum floors are made up of limestone, linseed oil, recycled wood flour, and cork dust. This makes linoleum a natural anti-bacterial and biodegradable floor also called “green “flooring.
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