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Green Flooring, Brands and Why go Eco-Friendly?

Green Flooring

There are many reasons to go green but what are some brands?

 How do you find green flooring and what brands are the best? Believe it or not there are more than you think. More brands than ever are out there trying to improve the environment, and many can go unnoticed. When shopping you might hear the term green flooring, this just means flooring that is typically made from materials that have low volatile organic compounds or VOC’s to help the air quality inside and contains recycled or recyclable material that provides a smaller carbon footprint.


This blogs purpose is to help you identify some products that are considered eco-friendlier and can help increase efficiencies and save some money. Green flooring might just be the perfect choice for your project or property. Let Floorzz (, help you find the product that fits your style, that’s durable and affordable. Some popular sustainable brands you might have heard about already are Earthwerks, Shaw and Duchateau to name a couple. What are some other brands you ask?




Let’s look at some of the eco-friendlier options Floorzz has to offer.


Earthwerks is a company that strives at providing the best quality products that you can be confident purchasing and using. This company manufactures products with recycled content, reusing good materials that would otherwise take up more space in our beautiful world, sitting in a landfill. It is possible to eliminate Phthalates (hidden danger) in LVT products, but to do this means they cannot work with recycled material, so Earthwerks is diligently working to ensure products are safe and comply with all industry standards. Earthwerks also ensures every LVT product is FloorScore certified.

Visit, for more details. Also know that all products manufactured by Earthwerks are in ISO 14001/9001 energy-efficient facilities.


Kahars Hardwood is a Sweden flooring company that has been in business since 1857 and were the first to patent the multi-layer engineered wood flooring. They are also the oldest floor manufacturer in the world that is still operating today. The flooring uses fewer raw materials that comes from renewable resources and that are recyclable. Kahars strives to practice safe and responsible forestry and uses environmentally friendly stains and lacquers.


Mohawkanother option also manufactures products that meet Greenguard and the carpet and rug institute standards for minimal effects on air quality, and lack of indoor chemical emissions. Many of Mohawks flooring lines use recycled materials when creating their carpets.



Emser Tile also tries to incorporate eco-friendly practices and have created a companywide program that ensures they are making environmentally conscious programs and office practices.


DuChateau Floors introduced eco-friendly hard wax oil to U.S. Polyurethane, acrylic, and aluminum oxide finished floors have become so standard in the U.S. and Canada that most people don’t realize they have any other option. Now a hard-wax oil wood floor, which is repairable and has been used in Europe’s most famous museums and building is now available thanks to DuChateus. The pure hard wax oil penetrates wood fibers and protect the wood from within. This new option is environmentally friendly, zero-VOC, preservative-free, unique finish also maximizes the woods natural characteristics and beauty. The natural ingredients in this hard-wax oil flooring option includes; sunflower, soybean, and thistle oil combined with natural waxes carnauba and canella. The finish also contains tiny silicone dioxide or glass beads that make the floor more resilient, lustrous, benzene-free with low-odor mineral spirits. This hard-wax oil finish allows for easy spot repairs and can be slightly sanded along its grain and buffed with maintenance oil for repairs. Need more details see




As more and more designers, builders and those just looking to update their home seek out eco-friendly materials these environmentally savvy manufacturers have stepped it up to offer designs we can love and feel great about buying.


 As some know there are several more ecofriendly options when decorating or renovating like; cork, bamboo, Linoleum, Glass Tile, Concrete, Wool Carpet, P.E.T Berber Carpet, Rubber, Leather and Reclaimed Hardwood.

Bamboo grows faster and is considered more sustainable than hardwood. Concrete can be stained and textured to match your style and is an eco-friendly option. Cork is a green option since it is made from the bark of cork oak trees and is a renewable resource. Linoleum is a bridgeable but very durable eco-friendly option. Stone is a longer lasting product that reduces the carbon footprints and tile is nontoxic plus hypoallergenic.


 When it comes to green flooring maintenance its easier than you can image.

Regularly sweep and vacuum loose debris, use natural cleaners properly diluted. Always rinse off cleaning products and allow floors to dry the correct amount of time. Never use an excessive amount of water, soap-based or abrasive cleaners and detergents. Never leave residue on the floors after cleaning remember to give it another wipe to clear it. Also be very careful when moving furniture this can create damage that may require repairs.


If you are looking for any of these products give us a call or check us out at and let us help you do something to feel great about. We are fortunate with the technology today plus some creative imagination to have styles we love in eco-friendly options that won’t break the bank.


If you have eco-friendly options or ideas, please share with us in the comments below. Floorzz would love to hear how you improved your home and used eco-friendly products we offer at Floorzz.