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Flooring Trends of 2019

Flooring Trends of 2019

As the flooring trends become more creative and daring with more cost-efficient options let’s look at the top trends of 2019.
The top trend this year seems to be the options that look like wood flooring. Whether it was in the bathrooms, kitchen, retail stores, or work people are loving the styles and looks available now that resemble wooden planks. The best part about wood look alike flooring is it is less expensive than buying the real thing and has added benefits. Unfortunately, wood is not always the most durable and some of the new look alike wood flooring last longer than actual wood, especially in high traffic areas. Check out some of the option Floorzz offers; and let us know if you have any questions about the benefits of products we have that look like wood but cost much less.
Image; Marazzi-AmericanEstates-WoodLook-Tile-Natural-Room_150x150
Marazzi has some beautiful products that look like hand scraped wood but is not wood and a durable porcelain tile. Wood Noce offers a wood plank tile that is durable and great for indoors or outdoors and can be used for floors or wall tile. Need another brand idea for the wood look alike flooring, check out the Anatolia Porcelain Tile that offers the appearance of hardwood while helping the environment by conserving the earths natural resources and providing a warmth to your home with 6 color options. Want something fun check out the Marazzi Urban District Mix Porcelain Tile that gives a painted wood look with modern color palettes that can create a unique chic style or spice up the farmhouse look. This is a new favorite for 2019.
Image; Del-Conca-USA-Providence-Wood-Plank-Tile-Noce-Room
As mentioned in the going green blog another popular trend in flooring for 2019 is eco friendly options. Having more environmentally sustainable products is important to us and the future. This year especially with residential and commercial world recycled materials obtained from more sustainable options are a big hit this year. Check out our Terrazzo flooring products to see some of the looks offered. Also Earthwerks is another brand you will find along with several others trying to improve the environment while giving us more sustainable, affordable options.
Image; Anatolia-Aspen-Porcelain-Tile-Grey-Ridge-Room_b6656413-ee8a-4824-a44b-eb418dfa37a2
Mosaics are another popular trend in 2019 that we are also offering here at Floorzz. For all those creative designers out there the variety including subway tiles, chevron, terrazzo, herringbone, mosaics, and small squares are the desired products of the year. If you pick the durable material not only will it hold up but will be a beautiful eye-catching floor.  Look at the terrazzo mosaics if you want to spice up a busy environment. Try adding them in kitchens or a retail location to add the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability.
Image; Marazzi-UrbanDistrictMix-4x28-Uptown-Room
Another popular trend for 2019 has been the grey flooring you continues to see in magazines and your friends updating their home with but don’t forget about the farmhouse look. The rustic look has become popular across the globe from she sheds to kitchens in your home.  Check out the Provenza Modern Rustic Collection we offer at Floorzz. It offers a matte finish contemporary rustic plank, wire brushed and distressed finish. If your looking to spice up your rustic kitchen this is the perfect flooring option to add to your farmhouse style. If your interested in ordering a sample, we also provide options for many of our products to order a sample. See page; Samples are always 7.99 and have free shipping. We offer samples for most items but if you’re not sure you can always send us an email or give us a call.
No matter what your trend is for 2019 these are some of the more popular items and looks of the year. If your looking to be a bit different or just want to try something new look us up on Floorzz and see the options, we have. We offer shipping to almost anywhere and can find the product you want if we don’t have it in stock. We are competitive with pricing and shipping cost so check out a quote online then send us an email to see if we have provided you with the best deal there is. We love to meet new people and work with them to improve their life by renovating their space so let us work with you today. We have the best customer service around and that is very hard to find in this industry. So please contact us with any questions you have, and we will work with you to make your experience stress-free.