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Terrazzo Tile Look for An Unmatched Contemporary Design

Terrazzo and terrazzo looking porcelain tile adds a distinctive aesthetic to any room with its variety of interesting colors, textured look and mid-century design feel. The versatility of terrazzo has many possibilities for a modern space. It is available in different color variations, tile sizes and shapes, making it a unique material for a designer to work with.

Terrazzo Through Time

Traditionally terrazzo was made from the mixture of granite, marble, glass or shells and then bonded by cement or resin. The mixture later was either poured directly onto the surface it was created for or into the molds that were later installed on the surface. It originated in Europe, in fact "terrazzo" mean "terrace" in Italian. Marble workers could not afford solid marble for their homes, so they used leftover pieces mixed in with clay. Around 1900s terrazzo quickly gained popularity among architects in the United States and many projects started featuring this unique and versatile look. Since then, terrazzo techniques developed and now the terrazzo tile look is an affordable option on the market for any space, indoors or outdoors.

Unique Style

The bold and relaxed colors of our Terrazzo tile will add unique style to your space. Terrazzo visuals are very popular in a mid-century inspired home design that features elegant color shades and distinctive shapes for the design elements like lighting and furniture. Its speckled surface is perfect for any room in your house, from the kitchen to living spaces such as entryways, bathrooms, or even bedrooms. Unmatched color variations work well with pops of color as well as base palette of any home.

Neutral Colors

The neutral colors of the terrazzo tile create the perfect backdrop for any space, while the overall design gives it a relaxed feel that is inviting to all who enter. It will make a definitive conversation piece for your guests. Disappearing from the design for a little while, terrazzo aesthetic made a come and continues to expand designers' imagination whether it's used for a primary residence, vacation home renovation, or a commercial project.

The new wide color selection of terrazzo tile and mosaics on offers a friendly rustic feeling that blends effortlessly with modern spaces. It is simple yet stylish, bringing the nostalgic feel to the room and helps enhance the modern elements in any décor style.

Mix & Match

It's easy to mix and match terrazzo tile with the more solid color palette or even terrazzo style with this encaustic deco porcelain tile. Color variations can help you create different accents on walls or backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. D-Segni Terrazzo Porcelain Tile by Marazzi is the perfect line to add a splash of color to your design vision.

Our terrazzo porcelain tile is the perfect choice for modern spaces. This tile has a distressed finish and classic color composition that offers the look of one material but with the versatility of several. It achieves this by mixing subtle colors to create an elegant, mid-century look in a single tile. The adaptable colors can be used to complement either light or dark colors and always complete any design project. Arizona Tile 4" Hex Terrazzo in Black creates an unmatched elegant look.

Modern Design

Terrazzo porcelain tile is a perfect choice for modern design projects. The color palette of this material combines shades of gray and brown, creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere in any room of your house. It adds to any modern style design, mixes well with natural materials, creating an untethered flow for the design in your home.

Unusual shapes always add an interesting design aesthetic and with these half hexagon shaped mosaic tiles in terrazzo by Anatolia, there’s no limit to your imagination. Blending colors and shapes allows for gorgeous geometric patterns and visual accents for walls or flooring.

Cosmopolitan and refined, Terrazzo porcelain tile effortlessly blends into the unique design of any space - bringing timeless style to your home. The flexible color shades and mid-century aesthetic make this tile perfect for any contemporary interior or sophisticated exterior.

Shop a variety of terrazzo tile looks RIGHT HERE on today and contact our customer service if you have any questions.

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