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DUCHATEAU Atelier Hardwood

DUCHATEAU Atelier Hardwood

DUCHATEAU Atelier is one of the finest hand finished artisan floors made to order in their California workshop. Each Atelier floor tells a story all on its own by the natural aging that occurs with each board. This unique engineered wood has natural variations and natural elements that over time create different color variations and characteristics, that cannot be copied by anyone. If you want an elegant floor that is a one of a kind that will completely take your breath away, this is the flooring for you. Not only can you use this flooring as a statement floor but what about a statement wall or ceiling.

The new trend this year has been updating ceilings and walls with a beautiful statement like the Atelier 8-inch planks that are truly one of a kind. This vintage and authentic look is something you will love for years and truly increase your investment. This flooring captures natures craft with the combination of art that creates a timeless and breathtaking look, that everyone will love. The floors are smoked and fumed and with these unique treatments allows different color depths within several months of being installed and years to come. This floor keeps giving and giving with the ever-advancing unique look that will develop more over the years. They will connect you to both the unique craftsmen work from the past with the advanced looks of the future. This flooring is created right in California so as some love to know made in the USA. The colors will pull through the wood and as time goes on the floors look even more artistic and detailed with a natural look you only get with Atelier floors.

DuChateau has 1 of only 2 cathedral planing machines in the world, which provide the beautiful weathered look and experience you get with these floors. The characteristics that are created after their unique processes look of fuming, burning, and wire-brushing with looks of reactive stains, sun exposure and power washing to create this timeless weathered, vintage look. Atelier is a bespoke collection which enhanced a refined lifestyle and not one floor is or can be duplicated. These planks are truly made by nature and has a commercial warranty. This flooring will mature over time and increase the value of your home or office. These floors are custom work and like all custom work takes time to create so rest assured knowing your investment will provide a huge return. Flooring like this comes around once in a lifetime and lucky for us will last a lifetime with proper care.

This flooring is for those who enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle and will make any space you have more elegant. There are 12 people in the world who can create this style, not to mention this flooring can fit up to 15 processes on the wood for this unique design. Atelier will be a beauty you cannot pass up when renovating or building. If you have that client that wants that extra touch or special look Atelier is the perfect flooring for them. This floor is finished with penetrating oil that will color and protect the floor from within rather than covering up nature’s beauty. It is important to know that an oiled floor is environmentally friendly and easier to repair. Floors finished with natural oil are a perfect choice for elegance, longevity and sustainability.


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*Here are some of the beautiful color options available in the DuChateau Atelier Collection*



High Variation

One of the characteristics of an extraordinary floor like Atelier, is the variations from one plank to another. The tannin of each of the boards along with the time of year its produced combines to add a natural beauty. Click the link above to see them in your home all you must do is upload an image and visualize what potential your room has with these floors. 


Depth and Richness

The proprietary techniques that are used to manipulate and enrich the wood from within. The reactive process is meticulously applied to each plank which creates a new look and different story for each plank.


Oil Finished 

The oil finish used on the Atelier flooring allows the wood to breath unlike urethane finishes commonly used. They also create beautiful matte finishes and last a lifetime of beauty if cared for properly. Oil finishes also allow for easy spot treatments if needed on your floors. 


The tannin in each plank created will continue to evolve and change over time. As they age it will become richer in color and develop a natural patina that's unique to your floor like fine wine. The age and beauty will increase over time. 


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