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Why Homeowners Choose Hardwood Floors For Their Homes

It’s in the grain, the texture, the unique color variations, the feel under your feet… hardwood flooring is winning with its authenticity. For many, it is still considered ‘the golden standard’ of the home remodeling industry. Hardwood is valued for its longevity and versatility of looks.

According to the research done by National Wood Flooring Association, “Just more than half of homeowners, 52 percent, say they have wood floors in their homes, compared to 75 percent who say they have carpeting and 58 percent who have tile. But, when homeowners are asked what kind of flooring they would have in their “dream home,” two-thirds, 66 percent, said wood floors.”

With so many valuable attributes, like durability, attractiveness, easy care, hardwood flooring is chosen by the homeowners to increase value of their homes. Wood floors can be sanded down and refinished to last decades. Their ability to withstand scratches and natural wear from pets make it very attractive to the homeowners.

The latest trends focusing on hypoallergenic materials and biophilic design looks advocate for authentic solid hardwood flooring. Many of the homeowners want to bring natural elements inside their homes, and what is a better choice of product than hardwood floors? Here are some of our favorite products in this category.

There are so many varieties available on the market for wood flooring, but we are here to help guide you to make the right choice for your next home remodel or pick the best product for a new home. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, current deals, and specials for hardwood flooring.