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Terra Cotta Tile Makes a Fabulous Come Back

Styles change and go away and then they come back again. A great example is the look of terracotta. For several years now, it can be seen in designs of indoor and outdoor spaces. It was popular in the 80s, but just like that, it’s back in style and even more fabulous than before.

Terracotta style coverings can be seen on the walls, floors, and as mosaic accents. For the modern twist on terra cotta style tile, you can combine colors and go bold with your choice of tile. Making a statement in your design is easy if you mix in some glazed tile alternating it with the matte finish.  

The porcelain tile from the new Kasbah Collection by Equipe features a variety of elegant shades. Its non-porous and easy to maintain surface can be used as a wall or floor covering. Having the ability to keep a continuous wall to floor design makes the space appear larger and more consistent.

Kasbah Terra Cotta Tile

Whatever style of design you are working with, terracotta tile can be incorporated into a rustic design or traditional style. It brings a charming classic look to your kitchen as a backsplash feature or as the floor on an outdoor patio. Porcelain tile from Tesoro is frost resistant and with a anti-slip textured finish it’s a perfect fit for any outdoor space.

Tesoro Terra Cotta Tile

With terra cotta look returning to the market, many consumers have been excited to bring more earthy tones to the interiors versus the recently dominating monochromatic white and gray palette. There is something about those organic colors that bring us all closer to nature and the outdoors, especially if combined with greenery. In addition, the natural aesthetic prevailing in many design styles in the past couple of years really draws attention to that newly remodeled shower or kitchen backsplash.

The combination of shapes in your flooring tile with the different shape on the wall tile make the look of the overall space more unique. It looks great outdoors, on the patio, as well as indoors. Color variations of brown, peach, red and similar shades look best in well-lit areas. With low maintenance requirements, durability and resistance to moisture and stain, this porcelain tile by SomerTile is perfect for the outdoors.

SomerTile Matter Hexagon Tile

Terra cotta tiles have been used in many cultures, from Morocco to Mexico. Its timeless look creates warm and welcoming atmosphere. Depending on the home design style, there are several types of terracotta style tile available. Hexagons, squares, lanterns and arabesque shapes all pertain to different home designs. This elongated arabesque shape of SomerTile Alhama Porcelain Tile in Provenzal Cotto looks great around the pool with its organic curved lines.

SomerTile Alhama Tile


Terracotta tile can also be used as one of the colors in a traditional Moroccan fashion. Burnt edges and parts of this ceramic tile by Soci accentuate the artisan look of the handmade tile pieces. It comes in two shapes – cross and star, and with plenty of patters available, you can create the most unique look for your wall or floor. Adding gray grout creates the aged effect, so it seems like this tile has been part of the house for generations.

Soci Terra Cotta Tile

The most attractive part of terra cotta tile is probably the opportunity of creation. Every renovation provides the ground for many design styles to be combined and it allows you to spice up your next tile project, especially when it comes to the timeless look of terracotta tile. Experiment with it and create the home that is truly yours.

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