If hardwood is glossy is it more durable?

Matte vs. Glossy Finish

In all honesty most hardwoods whether glossy or not are equally durable. Apparently even installers believe this is true in some situations. No matter what finish whether matte, satin, glossy and semi-glossy are the same in durability. With this said it seems that a glossier floor tends to look like it wears down faster. Why does this happen you ask? Apparently, the more light that reflects off shows the flaws and so selecting a matte finish will help the floors look better longer. Adding a glossy finish will not make your floor durable. The only gloss that shows and counts is the top layer so when dealing with hardwood for example the topcoat will determine how shiny the floor will be.  Also, when coating with polyurethane just remember the topcoat is the only that matters, and the number of coats won’t impact the shiny floors. It can however have an impact on durability and how smooth the floor can be.
The most popular right now is satin and matte finishes. The glossy floors are usually not seen as often in residential homes and ore in commercial settings. The only negative about the glossy look is it requires more maintenance. It seems some feel the glossier the floors the cleaner they are. Talking about cleaning remember all cleaning products are not good on all floors. Some of the cleaning products that say they restore sheen wears down the polyurethane on the floor. Therefore, it is so important to use actual wood cleaners on hardwood floors. So, if your coating your floors the suggested number of coats are normally 3 coats. I would even suggest asking an installer how many coats or if your buying a home since 3 will mean more durability rather than 2 coats. The matte floors will be least glossy but everyone has their personal preferences. It seems that matte finishes hold up better with pets and children, since they show less wear. If your interested in a matte finished hardwood look check out some of the brands we have on Floorzz.com.

General Luster Range

Hardwood floors sheen can be measured and usually these are common luster ranges. High-Gloss=75% or higher, Semi-Gloss=55%-70%, Satin=30-50%, and Matte=1-20%.

Hardwood Matte Finish

Shop Image Hardwood;
Design: Artisan Wire-Brushed & Distressed
Color: Golden
Gloss Level: Elegant Lustre Matte Finish
Edge Type: Hand Distressed & Hand Antiqued
Finish: 8-Coats Valspar Ultra-Transparent Aluminum Oxide
Kährs - Engineered Hardwood Flooring - Shine Collection - Fumoir
The Shine collection offeres a durable, high gloss, lacquer sheen with a reflective finish. The metallic infused wood grain gives astonishing character to the wood. 

High Gloss Finish
Size: 5 1/8" W x 70 7/8" L x 5/8" Thick
4-Sided Microbeveled
Lightly smoked
Species: White Oak
Joint: Woodloc® 5S
Installation method: Glue-Down;Floating
Stained product - noticeable color change over time.
Visit us at Floorzz.com or Trade Floorzz if your a pro today for all your renovation and building products; https://commercialfloorzz.com/



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