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Celebrating National Tile Day

If you look around your house or your office space, you will see tiles everywhere. Tiles have been a go-to product in many spaces like the kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor space, even in the living rooms. For centuries artisans and builder have used tiles made from a variety of materials. Most popular are ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, glass and natural stone tiles, of course!

According to National Today:” The use of tiles in history began in ancient Egypt several millennia back, and they were used for decorative purposes. They were mostly found in murals, mosaics, and various other designs. The Egyptians had already begun using blue brick tiles to decorate their homes around the fourth millennium B.C., and glazed brick tiles were common in Mesopotamia also, as found on the famous Ishtar Gate in Babylon, which was tiled and decorated with lions, bulls, and dragons. The Islamic empires are given credit for the spread of ceramic tiles as wall coverings, and then the Chinese via their access to the silk trade routes.”

Today, the tile market is growing, and it’s used in design industry to create many beautiful spaces. Due to the durability and versatility of sizes, tiles can be used for wall accents, floors, and special projects.

Fun Facts About Tile

  • Did you know that each space shuttle is covered by more than 24,000 silica tiles. Ceramic tiles are key components to space shuttles as the insulate them from the extreme temperatures created while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Easiest cleaning solution for tiles is a mix of water and vinegar.
  • Marble tiles are famous for their hypoallergenic qualities and ability to stay cool in hot weather. Afyon region in Turkey produces some of the best translucent marbles in the world, which resembles Onyx stones.
  • Fused glass tiles are used for decorative tile and fine art projects
  • Sydney Opera House in Australia has more than one million tiles imported from Sweden on its roof

We would like to encourage you to look around and admire the tile work around different architectural projects, and also pick out some tiles from the selection we have here at Floorzz to create a masterpiece during your next remodel. Happy National Tile Day!

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