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All About Dye Lots and Color Variations

All About Dye Lots and Color Variations

What you need to know about Dye Lots and why it is important when ordering.

There is one common thing we run into at flooring companies and that is the variation of product colors. This happens when someone request a product and then needs to order more of the same product but since the time difference it creates a color difference. Why is this? Dye lot differences happen and are very common in the flooring industry. This is the main reason flooring companies request you order enough and a little extra when doing a project. This is to help the customer, so when they run out of the product they ordered and need more they won’t have to be disappointed due to the color difference. I know some may think this is an up-sell tactic but in fact it is only to help customers and keep them happy with their purchase. The complaint we hear the most from customers is the color difference they get when ordering products at different times. This blog will help you understand both dye lots and why your encouraged to buy over the square footage you need.
Dye lot is a very common term when dealing with tile, wood or other dyed products. Basically, the dye lots are different production runs that have a code with letters that identify different batches of the product. Whether purchasing tile or wood it is important not to mix dye lots, because you can end up with miss matched shades, color, texture, and size. Basically, the key thing to remember here is that each dye lot is different and if you want a smooth matching look you want to order the products from the same dye lot. It is also smart to ask if your product is coming from the same dye lot but in most cases if your ordering a box or pallet all at once it is coming from the same production or dye lot. At Floorzz (, we ensure all our customers get products from the same dye lots and encourage all buyers to purchase extra product so they do not have this worry once the product is delivered. We strive to provide the best customer service for our customers so we will not only check the dye lots for you but help ensure your products are from the same dye lots.
Remember when buying flooring there are many products affected by dye lots. For example, vinyl flooring, vinyl planks, carpet, engineered flooring, ceramic tile, and laminate flooring. The shade of the product is the dye lot which is the coloration of the product. No matter what your desired look is, Floorzz will help you find the products you want and help you ensure they match.
Another important fact to remember about the coloring is when you order a sample the sample may very well look different. Why? The sample may be from a different dye lot but also can be a different color due to handling, or exposure. It is a good idea to sample a product and understand it could vary due to manufacturing variations but when ordering get enough to ensure your product is the same dye lot. So remember when you ask why there is a color variation in your product the answer that can happen or it can vary is actually a true statement.
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