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11 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your renovation whether it is for the kitchen floor, or bathroom, or throughout the whole house can be challenging. With so many options on the market it’s very easy to make mistakes. We want to cover the most common mistakes people make when choosing flooring for the new home or renovation of the existing floor.


  1. Price. Pricing of the product should never be the #1 thing you consider when buying hardwood flooring or vinyl, or even carpet or tile. If you go for a less expensive product, you might make a mistake and lower the overall value of your property. Determine where this upgrade comes in within the complete property renovation budget and evaluate your options. There are tons of options! To go a little further with the pricing, many people make the mistake of buying an affordable product, but they don’t take into consideration that this product might not last as long as they would like. Other factors can affect this as well, like the climate you live in and the amount of traffic the floor sustains.
  2. Children & pets. When you pick out your beautiful new flooring that goes really well with the color of the walls and the overall design of the place, make sure you consider who will be using this floor. It has to fit into your life and if you have children and pets, make sure they can enjoy it. It can get pretty messy. Look for qualities like “water resistant” or “waterproof”, “scratch resistant”, and “stain resistant”.
  3. Professional Installation. DIY trend has been going around for a while now and it seems like there’s a YouTube video for everything you can learn how to do. But trust the professional installers, especially if this is your first time. Get lots of recommendations from the sales team and your friends and relatives, check out the pictures of their work, do your research.
  4. Experts in Flooring. Just like the installation process is important for your renovation, getting an expert opinion when purchasing your floor product is also crucial. If you are shopping online, speak to the customer support team or sales representative. They  usually have a great deal of product knowledge and can make recommendations for the best product to fit your needs, as well as most innovative technologies used in the industry. If you decide to shop at a big box store, the customer service team is not usually trained in any specific product, so you run the risk of buying something that won’t last, or does not fit your type of home.
  5. Delivery & Installation Schedule. Just like with anything else, you need to have a clear plan and also be flexible at the same time. Not allowing enough time for the delivery of your product may cut into the installation schedule, which can delay other projects in your renovation, So, make sure you know when the delivery is supposed to happen and schedule everything else accordingly. Another important mistake to avoid here is not having all your materials for the floor installation ready on site. You don’t want to start a project and run out of the tile grout in the middle of it. Make sure everything is delivered before you start.
  6. Warranties. Speaking of installers, when you hire reputable installers, they provide certain warranties for the job to be completed. Many things can go wrong during installation, so a professional installation company can guarantee your satisfaction with the final product.
  7. Quality. If you consider buying your flooring from the large retail store, you also may be getting a lower quality product. Stores that specialize in flooring, whether a physical location or an online e-commerce store, work directly with the manufacturers. Even if the name is the same on the box, it might differ in quality if you buy it from a big box store. Don’t make this mistake, trust those who specialize in the best products in flooring.
  8. Trends. One of the most costly mistakes is probably not considering the overall style of your home. Trends come and go. So if you are remodeling the whole house, plan out the design that will last, and possibly will benefit you if you ever decide to sell your home. Try researching the lasting trends, or even hiring a designer, so you can avoid being a victim to the current trend.
  9. Measurements. Not having the correct measurements can be a nightmare for the remodel. You might run out of material, or order too much and then waste money having to throw away the extra. If you don’t measure the space properly, you don’t order enough flooring, and in the end you might delay the whole project.
  10. Dye lot. Following the correct measurements for your floor, any expert in the flooring industry will tell you that dye lots of the same brand and the same color sometimes differ if you re-order the materials. Don’t make this mistake and cause your project to stall.
  11. Setting Materials. Do your research, get recommendations, read information from the manufacturer and order the right setting materials for your new floor. This is a very common mistake a lot of people make, so if you don’t know, ask the professionals and get the opinion from your installer before you click the “Order Now” button.

    Floorzz team of knowledgeable staff is always here to assist you with any of the questions you might have and we want you to have that beautiful new floor in your living room or kitchen. Contact us before you order!