What or who is DuChateau you ask? Well, before I get into the elegant and stylish products, I will tell you about the company. DuChateau was founded in 2007 and through traveling the world found the inspiration behind all their products in the most amazing places. DuChateau has looked to architecture, unique design and popular fashion industries for inspiration to create their beautiful products. DuChateau is proud of every product they make and are proud to see their products in homes as well as appreciated by names like Whole Foods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Augusta National Golf Club, Ian Schrager Hotels, and the Ritz Carlton. DuChateau is now a decade old with an increasingly popular reputation.

DuChateau's vision is to make the world beautiful. To inspire a refined lifestyle.
Their mission is to design and manufacture luxurious architectural elements from flooring to wall coverings and beyond that encompass a refined lifestyle. We disrupt the market with a passion for design and continuous innovation.
Their values are; Passion, Innovation, Loyalty, Initiative.
DuChateau Hardwood Flooring was the first to bring European inspired wide plank matte finish to the US market. 
DuChateau has three collections of completely hand crafted wall panels that can transform your home or office. Check out all the beautiful flooring and wall options DuChateau offers. 
Shop DuChateau on Floorzz today and fall in love with this beautiful brand and the unique, stylish looks they have to offer!

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